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Web-/MailExtension based add-ons

Language Contributor
pl Grzegorz Koryga
fr DenB10

Additional translations are welcome!

All localization-files can be viewed at the GitHub-repo:

You can directly create a pull-request, adding the new folder/locale file, or you can send the translated file(s) to me via e-mail.

XUL / XPCOM based add-ons (Legacy)

Language Contributor
it-IT MatrixIsAllOver (, Massimo Rosi
es-ES Carlos (
nl-NL Erik Van Kempen
fr-FR Goofy (
zh-TW Kai-Chieh Ku
pl-PL Arkadius Bortliczek, Grzegorz Kossakowski, Tomasz Lipski, Pawel Kordys
ru-RU Konstantin Novik, Sergeys, stoneflash (BabelZilla)
ja-JP victory (BabelZilla)
hu-HU Henriett Peller, James and kami (BabelZilla)
cs-CZ Mirek Chocholous, David Krotil
pt-BR Renato Rodrigues, Fernando Pereira Silveira, Pedro Luiz Failla Junior
tr-TR Erkan Kaplan
sk-SK wladow (BabelZilla)
fy-NL moZes (BabelZilla)
ca-AD Xavi Ivars (
uk-UA MozUA (BabelZilla)
sv-SE Stefan Lewitas, Mikael Hiort af Ornäs
be-BY DRKA (BabelZilla)
sr-YU Ivan Pesic
nb-NO Kare Petersen
da-DK Jorgen Rasmussen
zh-CN itol phc, netcharm
sl-SL Peter Klofutar

Other support

Additional thanks go to:

  • Sean Durkin for beta-testing in general
  • Davide Ficano (ViewSourceWith) and EddyG for useful code-contributions
  • Uzi for having patience with testing Save Image in Folder
  • Carsten Breuer for testing Signature Switch
  • Lawrence for continuous testing of Save Image in Folder and Save Link in Folder with nightly-builds
  • Roccobot from eXtenZilla for providing the button-images
  • Michael Kraft for sending me code-patches during FF3.1-beta-phase
  • Joerg K. for notifying me about upcoming changes in TB52, and providing helpful information/code-snippets to prepare Signature Switch for that release