Save Image in Folder  Save Image in Folder

This extension helps you to quickly save images into different folders without having to click through your folder structure again and again.

Simply create your personal set of frequently used save-locations and access them via context-menu.
The folders can automatically be opened by your favourite file-manager upon downloading.
They can even be browsed within Firefox using a new toolbar-menu.
v1.3.18 (2015-12-12)
  • added [sl-SL] locale
  • raised maxVersion to 42.*
v1.3.17 (2015-09-27)
  • added [zh-CN] locale
v1.3.16 (2015-03-04)
  • fixed incompatibility issues due to an API-change on saveURI()
  • raised maxVersion to 36.*
v1.3.15 (2013-12-01)
  • raised maxVersion to 25.*
v1.3.14 (2013-06-26)
v1.3.13 (2013-02-01)
  • another improvement due to API-changes concerning "private browsing"
v1.3.12 (2013-01-30)
  • minor changes to improve backwards-compatibility
v1.3.11 (2013-01-17)
  • Again, the previous version didn't work as expected. :-( … sorry 'bout that. :-)
    I invested some more time in code-digging and testing this time. I'm pretty confident it'll work now.
    In case someone else developing extensions is experiencing problems with the saveURL- and saveURI-methods:
    • Both of these methods require additional parameters since they're "privacy aware" now.
    • Whereas saveURI requires a nsILoadContext-object, saveURL simply needs a document-object referring to the content.
    However, saveURL kept popping up a SaveAs-dialog (due to whatever reason); so I had to remove saveURL-calls completely and replace them with internalSave-calls (which by the way are "privacy aware" aswell now *g*).
v1.3.10 (2013-01-06)
  • the last release didn't quite solve the issues with the new API :( … hope this one does ;)
v1.3.9 (2013-01-04)
v1.3.8 (2012-11-04)
  • fixed compatibility-issues for current Firefox versions (clipboard / nsITransferable)
  • bumped maxVersion to 16.*
v1.3.7 (2011-12-14)
  • bumped maxVersion to 8.*
v1.3.6 (2011-10-01)
  • bumped maxVersion to 7.*
v1.3.5 (2011-08-18)
  • bumped maxVersion to 6.*
v1.3.4 (2011-06-21)
  • bumped maxVersion to 5.*
v1.3.3 (2011-03-31)
  • bumped maxVersion to 4.0.*
  • additional "fallback-code" to deal with the missing status-bar
v1.3.2 (2010-12-27)
  • code-modifications to ensure FF4.0-compatibility
    (no more error-messages due to the missing statusbar in FF4.0; with FF4.0 the launch()-method of nsILocalFile caused trouble under Linux (and probably for other OSes aswell))
  • bumped maxVersion to 4.0b9pre
v1.3.1 (2010-01-31)
  • added the missing CSS-assignment for the toolbar
v1.3 (2010-01-24)
  • necessary adjustments to ensure 3.6-compatibility
v1.2.7 (2009-07-01)
  • bumped maxVersion to 3.5.*
v1.2.6 (2009-04-28)
  • bumped maxVersion to 3.1b3
v1.2.5 (2009-01-11)
  • fixed a bug in the options-dialog
v1.2.4 (2008-12-15)
  • fixed a bug that broke parameter-replacement
v1.2.3 (2008-12-14)
  • new variables for the filename (imgWidth, imgHeight)
  • (hopefully) fixed incompatibility-issues with some themes
  • code adjustments for 3.1-compatibility
  • bumped maxVersion to 3.1b2
v1.2.2 (2008-05-18)
  • bumped maxVersion to 3.0.*
v1.2.1 (2008-05-01)
  • raised maxVersion to 3.0pre
v1.2 (2008-03-06)
  • raised maxVersion to 3.0b5pre
  • new "guid"-, "clipboard"- and "random"-variable
  • new hidden preference (minWidth and minHeight when using doubleclick)
  • reorganization of code-structure
  • using new Gecko1.9-localization for descriptions
v1.1.3 (2007-06-07)
  • added [sr-YU] locale
v1.1.2 (2007-04-10)
  • added [sv-SE] locale
v1.1.1 (2006-12-01)
  • reactivated [tr-TR] locale
v1.1 (2006-11-28)
  • new: notification options (status bar, popup window)
  • "advanced option" whether to use the browsers cache or the download-manager to save the image
  • minor code improvements
  • reactivated [sk-SK] locale
  • [tr-TR] and [fy-NL] locales deactivated due to incompleteness;
    if you want to contribute and complete the missing phrases then please contact me
v1.0 (2006-10-06)
  • new option: a replacement-filename can be set for the files saved into a folder
  • the browsers cache gets used for saving the image now (performance improvement!)
  • introduced "parameter-variables" which can be used for parameterised download-sources (see "hidden prefs")
  • minor improvements on options-dialog
  • [sk-SK] and [uk-UA] locales deactivated due to incompleteness;
    if you want to contribute and complete the missing phrases then please contact me
  • raised maxVersion to 2.0.0.*
v0.9.3 (2006-07-13)
  • "cosmetic corrections" for options-dialog
v0.9.2 (2006-07-03)
  • "cosmetic corrections" for options-dialog
v0.9.1 (2006-05-28)
  • added [pt-BR] locale
  • raised maxVersion to 2.0
    (FF2.0 alpha3 just got released yesterday; it's "feature-frozen"… so it should be safe to already raise the maxVersion to 2.0 *g*)
v0.9 (2006-04-09)
  • menu-separators can now be set
  • a statusbar-message will appear after saving an image
  • customizeable keyboard-shortcut for the context-menu
  • new option: display numeric shortcuts trailing the first ten folder entries
  • correction on the url-variable: filenames now get stripped off
  • minor code-improvements
  • unfortunately the [pl-PL] locale had to be deactivated for this release since the original translator didn't respond to my translation-request;
    if you want to contribute and complete the missing phrases then please contact me
v0.8 (2006-02-24)
  • new feature/option: performing a left double-click on an image will save it directly to the last used folder
  • introduced "hidden prefs"
  • added [fy-NL] locale
  • other code-improvements
v0.7.3 (2006-01-29)
  • bugfix: the new toolbar-feature still had some nasty bugs causing trouble on Windows-systems
  • added [sk-SK] locale
v0.7.2 (2006-01-25)
  • changed maxVersion to 1.5.0.* (due to the upcoming release of FF
  • added another prefs-value for the advanced-tab ("")
v0.7.1 (2005-12-27)
  • hotfix: the new feature (browsing within Firefox) didn't work on Windows-systems
v0.7 (2005-12-21)
  • new feature: the entered folders can now be browsed within Firefox using a toolbar-button
  • added [tr-TR] locale
v0.6.4 (2005-11-05)
  • raised maxVersion to 1.5
v0.6.3 (2005-10-10)
  • added [ru-RU] locale
  • raised maxVersion to 1.4.1 (FF 1.5 Beta 2)
v0.6.2 (2005-09-21)
  • added [ja-JP] and [hu-HU] locale
v0.6.1 (2005-09-17)
  • bugfix: the procedure for localizing the main-description caused problems
v0.6 (2005-09-15)
  • raised maxVersion to 1.4 (FF 1.5 Beta 1)
  • more detailed options regarding duplicate filenames (prompt, auto-increment, cancel, overwrite)
  • SIiF now can handle indirect references (links targeting to PHP-scripts, etc.)
  • improvements for the [pl-PL] locale
  • corrections on the save-procedure (necessary due to some changes in "Deer Park Alpha 2"
  • new button-images in the options-dialog
  • the extension's main-description is now localized
v0.5.1 (2005-07-20)
  • added [pl-PL] locale
  • corrections on the save-procedure (necessary due to some changes in "Deer Park Alpha 2")
v0.5 (2005-06-04)
  • foldernames now can contain non-ascii-characters from the system's codepage
  • additional variables for the prefix/suffix (%url%, %domain%, %title%)
  • performance optimizations
  • some corrections on the options-dialog
  • raised compatibility to Firefox 1.0+ ("Deer Park Alpha")
v0.4 (2005-05-16)
  • you now have the ability to choose the executable used for opening the folder (useful for Linux-users)
  • the path of the last used folder can be saved into Firefox's native preferences (prefs.js)
  • several minor code improvements
  • raised compatibility to Firefox 1.0.4
  • the extension finally got it's own 32x32-icon ;-)
v0.3 (2005-05-02)
  • holding down the ctrl-key while selecting a context-menu item just opens the folder without saving the file
  • added Chinese Traditional [zh-TW] localization
v0.2 (2005-04-18)
  • the "general-options" from the previous version can now be set individually for each folder
  • individual folder-settings can be bypassed using the shift-key on the context-menu items
  • new option: "Open the target folder when the download starts."
  • new item at the end of the context-menu to directly enter the options-dialog
  • folders with invalid path can now be hidden in context-menu
  • tooltips for context-menu items
  • raised compatibility to Firefox 1.0.3
  • bugfix: opening the "Save As"-dialog crashed Firefox under Linux systems
  • some minor code improvements
v0.1.1 (2005-04-11)
  • small bugfix: adding file-extension if filename was manually changed (to a name without or different extension)
v0.1 (2005-04-10)
  • initial release
Save Image in Folder offers settings which are not reachable via GUI but Firefox's built-in "config-editor" (about:config).

The following preferences can be set:

Name Default Effect
When you try to save an image that has no direct source-reference (e.g. these nasty php-linked images like "") then you'll automatically get prompted with a "Save As…"-dialog.
There you can enter a filename for the image to be saved. These preferences allow you to change the default-filename which is "unknown.ext".
You can even disable the "Save As…"-dialog by setting nofilereference-showdialog to false. That way your usual folder-settings will take effect. So keep in mind that if you have chosen to overwrite any existing files without prompting (for example)… you won't get prompted and the file will be overwritten… even if there might have been problems retrieving the actual image!
determines the length of the random-variable (see "Prefix / Suffix Variables")
This sets the minimum width and height of an image when using the doubleclick-feature. If the double-clicked image is smaller than these values it won't be saved.
This option prevents "accidental" double-clicks on navigational images (arrows, buttons, etc.) which shouldn't be saved.
(Leaving the default setting (0;0) completely ignores the restriction; saving every image that gets double-clicked.)

Addition to the nofilereference-settings:
For the even more advanced users ;-) …
Now here comes a tricky (but very comfortable) way to get a characteristic filename for those parameterised download sources.
Assuming the source of the image reads like this:
You might want to have the threadid and attachmentid to be part of your image-filename.
Just enter something like the following into your nofilereference-filename-preference (mentioned above):
The resulting filename (including your preferred file-extension) will be:
Well… you still have to know the parameters in advance and decide which ones to use.
So this isn't a very generic way dealing with the problem since it might not fit for every website.
To keep it flexible and "universally usable" I also introduced a variable called ALL_PARAMETERS to just insert all parameters.
… will bring you …
Voila! Hope anybody out there finds this useful.
These variables can be used for the prefix/suffix-string:

Variable Description
%dd% day
%MM% month
%yyyy% year
%hh% hour
%mm% minute
%ss% second
%url% full address of the visited website (e.g. "www.mozilla.org_products_firefox_")
%domain% just the domain of the website (e.g. "")
%title% title of the website
%guid% a "globally unique identifier"-string
%random% a random number (length can be set in "Hidden Prefs")
%clipboard% the current (textual) contents of the clipboard
Image-specific variables:

Variable Description
%imgWidth% the width of the chosen image in pixels
%imgHeight% the height of the chosen image in pixels
Here's a list of frequently asked questions:
  1. Is there a way to export all folder-settings so that I don't have to reconfigure them when I reinstall my system.
  2. Some images can't be saved. A dialog showing "unknown.ext" pops up. What's this?

Is there a way to export all folder-settings so that I don't have to reconfigure them when I reinstall my system.
Yes, there is. Like pretty much every other extension out there, "Save Image in Folder" saves its preferences directly into Firefox's preference-system.
Just open Firefox and type about:config in the address-bar. Then type extensions.saveimageinfolder into the filter-box. You then should see all settings for Save Image in Folder.
Just copy the preference named extensions.saveimageinfolder.folders into a text-file. Now you have exported your folder-settings. Later on you can use this method (the other way around) to import as well.
Some images can't be saved. A dialog showing "unknown.ext" pops up. What's this?
Please check: "Hidden Prefs" on this page.