Here are some of the press releases containing my extensions… at least the ones I noticed. ;-)

February 2021
202102_ct_0521 Again… Signature Switch gets recommended in c't issue 05/2021.
August 2020
202008_ct_1720 Signature Switch gets recommended in c't issue 17/2020.
October 2015
201510_ct_2315 Signature Switch is featured (amongst other add-ons) in c't issue 23/2015.
October 2014
201410_computerbild Save Link in Folder is part of Computer Bild's DVD inlay (issue 23/2014).
July 2013
201307_ct_1613 Signature Switch appears in c't issue 16/2013.
November 2012
201211_ct_1225 Signature Switch gets recommended in c't issue 25/2012.
February 2012
201202_ct_special_0212 Signature Switch included on the DVD of c't special issue 02/2012 (Windows 7).
December 2011
201112_ct_2611 Signature Switch was part of the "Software Kollektion 8" on c't issue 26/2011.
June 2011
201106_ct_1411 Signature Switch is mentioned in c't issue 14/2011.
December 2010
201010_heute_de German news show published an online-article about me and my Mozilla-extensions.
Thanks to Alfred Krüger.
May 2010
201005_ct_1110 Signature Switch again was put on the c't-CD issue 11/2010.
June 2009
200906_ct_1309 Signature Switch was featured (and added to the CD) in issue 13/2009 of c't-magazine.
August 2008
200808_com com!-magazine mentioned Signature Switch in issue 08/2008.
June 2008
200806_ct_1308 Signature Switch is listed in "c't Software Kollektion"; issue 13/2008.
June 2008
200806_pcwelt_0608 The editorial-staff of PC-WELT listed Signature Switch as one of their favourite picks (issue 06/08).
April 2008
200804_mac100percent Save Image in Folder in Mac 100% (a Japanese magazine).

Sample copy kindly sent by Masumi Ogawa.
January 2008
200801_ct_0308 Signature Switch again got mentioned by heise as one of the most useful Thunderbird-extensions available; c't-issue 03/2008.
October 2007
200710_linux_intern NestedQuote Remover and Signature Switch were featured in Linux intern (04/07); a special-edition magazine from PC Pr@xis.
September 2007
200709_pcwelt_0907 Signature Switch is part of the PC-WELT-Thunderbird-Edition featured in issue 09/07.
September 2006
200609_win100percent Save Image in Folder in Windows 100% (a Japanese magazine selling more than 200.000 copies).

Thanks to Yudai Yanagi for providing the sample copy from overseas. :-)
June 2006
200606_ct_1406 The publisher heise also featured Signature Switch in his 14/2006-issue of c't and distributed it on the "Software-Kollektion 3/06"-CD.
January 2006
200601_golem Both NestedQuote Remover and Signature Switch were recommended by Golem.