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Developed withThe best Java IDE
Linux Mint

Firefox 57 …

I'm aware that Save Image in Folder and Save Link in Folder are no longer compatible with the latest Firefox releases.
These extensions are based on Mozilla's XUL- and XPCOM-APIs, which are now obsolete and no longer supported.

Bringing the extensions back to life would require a complete rewrite using WebExtensions.
Unfortunately at the moment I can't give you any details on when (or even if) I will be able to accomplish this task.
I will look into it if time permits.

Thanks for your patience!


Thunderbird 61 …

Please check the "Pre-Release" section for compatible beta-versions of Signature Switch and NestedQuote Remover.

Save Image in Folder   Save Image in Folder - Download

current version:
compatible with Firefox:
  1.0 - 42.*
available localizations:
  en-US de-DE it-IT es-ES nl-NL fr-FR zh-TW pl-PL ja-JP hu-HU ru-RU tr-TR sk-SK fy-NL pt-BR uk-UA sv-SE sr-YU zh-CN sl-SL 

An unsigned version of the latest release, which will work on Firefox 41 (and later) only with the Developer Edition or Nightly Builds, is available here: A (also unsigned) version that is still under development may be available in the pre-release-section.

Known issues are listed here.


v1.3.18 (12.12.2015)
  • added [sl-SL] locale
  • raised maxVersion to 42.*

v1.3.17 (27.09.2015)
  • added [zh-CN] locale

v1.3.16 (04.03.2015)
  • fixed incompatibility issues due to an API-change on saveURI()
  • raised maxVersion to 36.*

v1.3.15 (01.12.2013)
  • raised maxVersion to 25.*

v1.3.14 (26.06.2013)

v1.3.13 (01.02.2013)
  • another improvement due to API-changes concerning "private browsing"

v1.3.12 (30.01.2013)
  • minor changes to improve backwards-compatibility

v1.3.11 (17.01.2013)
  • again, the previous version didn't work as expected :-( ... sorry 'bout that :)
    I invested some more time in code-digging and testing this time. I'm pretty confident it'll work now.

    In case someone else developing extensions is experiencing problems with the saveURL- and saveURI-methods:
    • both of these methods require additional parameters since they're "privacy aware" now
    • whereas saveURI requires a nsILoadContext-object, saveURL simply needs a document-object referring to the content

    However, saveURL kept popping up a SaveAs-dialog (due to whatever reason); so I had to remove saveURL-calls completely and replace them with interalSave-calls (which by the way are "privacy aware" aswell now *g*).

v1.3.10 (06.01.2013)
  • the last release didn't quite solve the issues with the new API :( ... hope this one does ;)

v1.3.9 (04.01.2013)

v1.3.8 (04.11.2012)
  • fixed compatibility-issues for current Firefox versions (clipboard / nsITransferable)
  • bumped maxVersion to 16.*

v1.3.7 (14.12.2011)
  • bumped maxVersion to 8.*

v1.3.6 (01.10.2011)
  • bumped maxVersion to 7.*

v1.3.5 (18.08.2011)
  • bumped maxVersion to 6.*

v1.3.4 (21.06.2011)
  • bumped maxVersion to 5.*

v1.3.3 (31.03.2011)
  • bumped maxVersion to 4.0.*
  • additional "fallback-code" to deal with the missing status-bar

v1.3.2 (27.12.2010)
  • code-modifications to ensure FF4.0-compatibility
    (no more error-messages due to the missing statusbar in FF4.0; with FF4.0 the launch()-method of nsILocalFile caused trouble under Linux (and probably for other OSes aswell))
  • bumped maxVersion to 4.0b9pre

v1.3.1 (31.01.2010)
  • added the missing CSS-assignment for the toolbar

v1.3 (24.01.2010)
  • necessary adjustments to ensure 3.6-compatibility

v1.2.7 (01.07.2009)
  • bumped maxVersion to 3.5.*

v1.2.6 (28.04.2009)
  • bumped maxVersion to 3.1b3

v1.2.5 (11.01.2009)
  • fixed a bug in the options-dialog

v1.2.4 (15.12.2008)

v1.2.3 (14.12.2008)
  • new variables for the filename (imgWidth, imgHeight)
  • (hopefully) fixed incompatibility-issues with some themes
  • code adjustments for 3.1-compatibility
  • bumped maxVersion to 3.1b2

v1.2.2 (18.05.2008)
  • bumped maxVersion to 3.0.*

v1.2.1 (01.05.2008)
  • raised maxVersion to 3.0pre

v1.2 (06.03.2008)
  • raised maxVersion to 3.0b5pre
  • new "guid"-, "clipboard"- and "random"-variable
  • new hidden preference (minWidth and minHeight when using doubleclick)
  • reorganization of code-structure
  • using new Gecko1.9-localization for descriptions

v1.1.3 (07.06.2007)
  • added [sr-YU] locale

v1.1.2 (10.04.2007)
  • added [sv-SE] locale

v1.1.1 (01.12.2006)
  • reactivated [tr-TR] locale

v1.1 (28.11.2006)
  • new: notification options (status bar, popup window)
  • "advanced option" whether to use the browsers cache or the download-manager to save the image
  • minor code improvements
  • reactivated [sk-SK] locale
  • [tr-TR] and [fy-NL] locales deactivated due to incompleteness;
    if you want to contribute and complete the missing phrases then please contact me

v1.0 (06.10.2006)
  • new option: a replacement-filename can be set for the files saved into a folder
  • the browsers cache gets used for saving the image now (performance improvement!)
  • introduced "parameter-variables" which can be used for parameterised download-sources (see "hidden prefs")
  • minor improvements on options-dialog
  • [sk-SK] and [uk-UA] locales deactivated due to incompleteness;
    if you want to contribute and complete the missing phrases then please contact me
  • raised maxVersion to 2.0.0.*

v0.9.3 (13.07.2006)
  • "cosmetic corrections" for options-dialog

v0.9.2 (03.07.2006)
  • reactivated [pl-PL] locale

v0.9.1 (28.05.2006)
  • added [pt-BR] locale
  • raised maxVersion to 2.0
    (FF2.0 alpha3 just got released yesterday; it's "feature-frozen"... so it should be safe to already raise the maxVersion to 2.0 *g*)

v0.9 (09.04.2006)
  • menu-separators can now be set
  • a statusbar-message will appear after saving an image
  • customizeable keyboard-shortcut for the context-menu
  • new option: display numeric shortcuts trailing the first ten folder entries
  • correction on the url-variable: filenames now get stripped off
  • minor code-improvements
  • unfortunately the [pl-PL] locale had to be deactivated for this release since the original translator didn't respond to my translation-request;
    if you want to contribute and complete the missing phrases then please contact me

v0.8 (24.02.2006)
  • new feature/option: performing a left double-click on an image will save it directly to the last used folder
  • introduced "hidden prefs"
  • added [fy-NL] locale
  • other code-improvements

v0.7.3 (29.01.2006)
  • bugfix: the new toolbar-feature still had some nasty bugs causing trouble on Windows-systems
  • added [sk-SK] locale

v0.7.2 (25.01.2006)
  • changed maxVersion to 1.5.0.* (due to the upcoming release of FF
  • added another prefs-value for the advanced-tab ("")

v0.7.1 (27.12.2005)
  • hotfix: the new feature (browsing within Firefox) didn't work on Windows-systems

v0.7 (21.12.2005)
  • new feature: the entered folders can now be browsed within Firefox using a toolbar-button
  • added [tr-TR] locale

v0.6.4 (05.11.2005)
  • raised maxVersion to 1.5

v0.6.3 (10.10.2005)
  • added [ru-RU] locale
  • raised maxVersion to 1.4.1 (FF 1.5 Beta 2)

v0.6.2 (21.09.2005)
  • added [ja-JP] and [hu-HU] locale

v0.6.1 (17.09.2005)
  • bugfix: the procedure for localizing the main-description caused problems

v0.6 (15.09.2005)
  • raised maxVersion to 1.4 (FF 1.5 Beta 1)
  • more detailed options regarding duplicate filenames (prompt, auto-increment, cancel, overwrite)
  • SIiF now can handle indirect references (links targeting to PHP-scripts, etc.)
  • improvements for the [pl-PL] locale
  • corrections on the save-procedure (necessary due to some changes in "Deer Park Alpha 2")
  • new button-images in the options-dialog
  • the extension's main-description is now localized

v0.5.1 (20.07.2005)
  • added [pl-PL] locale
  • corrections on the save-procedure (necessary due to some changes in "Deer Park Alpha 2")

v0.5 (04.06.2005)
  • foldernames now can contain non-ascii-characters from the system's codepage
  • additional variables for the prefix/suffix (%url%, %domain%, %title%)
  • performance optimizations
  • some corrections on the options-dialog
  • raised compatibility to Firefox 1.0+ ("Deer Park Alpha")

v0.4 (16.05.2005)
  • you now have the ability to choose the executable used for opening the folder (useful for Linux-users)
  • the path of the last used folder can be saved into Firefox's native preferences (prefs.js)
  • several minor code improvements
  • raised compatibility to Firefox 1.0.4
  • the extension finally got it's own 32x32-icon ;-)

v0.3 (02.05.2005)
  • holding down the ctrl-key while selecting a context-menu item just opens the folder without saving the file
  • added Chinese Traditional [zh-TW] localization

v0.2 (18.04.2005)
  • the "general-options" from the previous version can now be set individually for each folder
  • individual folder-settings can be bypassed using the shift-key on the context-menu items
  • new option: "Open the target folder when the download starts."
  • new item at the end of the context-menu to directly enter the options-dialog
  • folders with invalid path can now be hidden in context-menu
  • tooltips for context-menu items
  • raised compatibility to Firefox 1.0.3
  • bugfix: opening the "Save As"-dialog crashed Firefox under Linux systems
  • some minor code improvements

v0.1.1 (11.04.2005)
  • small bugfix: adding file-extension if filename was manually changed (to a name without or different extension)

v0.1 (10.04.2005)
  • initial release