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Developed withThe best Java IDE
Linux Mint

Firefox 57 …

I'm aware that Save Image in Folder and Save Link in Folder are no longer compatible with the latest Firefox releases.
These extensions are based on Mozilla's XUL- and XPCOM-APIs, which are now obsolete and no longer supported.

Bringing the extensions back to life would require a complete rewrite using WebExtensions.
Unfortunately at the moment I can't give you any details on when (or even if) I will be able to accomplish this task.
I will look into it if time permits.

Thanks for your patience!


Thunderbird 61 …

Please check the "Pre-Release" section for compatible beta-versions of Signature Switch and NestedQuote Remover.

NewMail Execute   NewMail Execute - Screenshots

Install the extension and enter the options-dialog:


There you can set the executable of your choice and enter any additional arguments which shall be passed.
As you may have already guessed, the variable called %folder% will be replaced with the folder's name that triggered the execution.

(Hint: The path to your executable may also contain the special directory-variables which I already explained for my "Signature Switch"-extension.)

Well... actually that's pretty much about it.
Whenever a new mail is arriving in any of your folders that executable should be started.

My original motivation in writing this extension was that Thunderbird's WAVE-output somehow sounded a bit crappy on my Linux-system; and therefore I had to turn it off. (ALSA plays fine on my machine, but the Mozilla-Core seems to use the OSS-API to play sound.)
So I had to find a way to get my sound-notification back. ;-)

Besides I thought it would be great if you had different sound-notifications for the different persons sending you emails.

So here you have the shell-script which does all the magic for me:

Now I finally have proper sound plus a nice notification window (which disappears automatically). ;-)